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Austrian 9th Pour: Wachau Wine Region

The 9th Pour for the Austria and Central Europe Class is not a wine or a grape variety, but a wine region. Some say the most prestigious wine growing region in Austria. The Wachau. Here we find steep terrace hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the two major grape varieties, Grüner Veltliner, and Riesling.

The Wachau has its own classification system, Steinfeder (a type of feather grass indigenous to the region) is the lightest style with max alcohol levels at 11.5%; Federspiel (a type of bird used as prey in falconry) must have an alcohol level between 11.5%-12.5%; Smaragd (emerald green lizards found on terraces) is the highest quality category. Alcohols here must meet a minimum of 12.5%. Classifications are indicating light, medium to full-bodied wines, respectively. These are wines with great ageability, a stunning minerality. You must check them out!