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Sommelier Society of America Certificate Course Testimonials

Sommelier Society of America alumni tell you about their experience taking the SSA Certificate Course

Sommelier Certificate Course Testimonials


Tracie Robinson, ESQ, Sommelier Certificate Course Fall 2015

The faculty and range of wines were fantastic; a great learning experience that continues to this day.
— Tracie Robinson, ESQ, Sommelier Certificate Course, Fall 2015


Lloyd Leon, Sommelier Certificate Course, 2010

The Sommelier Certificate is one of the best things I’ve ever done.
— Lloyd Leon, Wine Program Manager, Marcello's Ristorante in Suffern NY, Sommelier Certificate Course, 2010


Robin Pohlman, Sommelier Certificate Course, Spring 2015

I think of all the different schools and degrees that I’ve done in my life and this is the only one that I use all the time, it was well worth the money.
— Robin Pohlman, Salesperson for IPO Wines, Sommelier Certiificate Course, Spring 2015

Every instructor was highly articulate and erudite. Each class was engaging and full of pertinent, valuable information. The instructors were very welcoming, and used the space to engage students among themselves.
— John Marino, Sommelier Certificate Course, Fall 2016

The Sommelier Society finds terrific handcrafted wines, to sample from all over the world. My SSA certificate was key to getting my job, it got me in the door, it was impressive to employers, and in just three weeks, I got a job.
— Rob Ruff, Sommelier, Acker Merrall Wines, Sommelier Certificate Course, Spring 2013


Frederick Latasa, Sommelier Certificate Course, Spring 2014

Everything from the basics, and beyond.
— Frederick Latasa, Sommelier Certificate Course, Spring 2014

Such knowledgeable teachers! The right amount of tough and challenging fun!
— Suzanne Grinberg, Advanced Tasting Workshop, Winter 2017