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Sommelier Certificate Course

21 Week Sommelier certificate course

Business & Service | Viticulture & Viniculture | Components of wine | Deductive Tasting

Final Exam with blind-tasting component | FALL~WINTER 2018

The 21 Week Sommelier Certificate Course is a comprehensive and intensive study of oenology and the significant wine regions of the world. Taught by a team of experienced industry professionals, students passionate about wine will learn through dynamic lectures, handouts and flights of carefully selected wines for tasting.* Students benefit from a series of customized take home tests, "Test Your Knowledge", geared at improving final exam performance.

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Why take our Course? The Sommelier Society of America offers the unique combination of 21 weeks of lectures, wine tasting, and upon passing the final examination, our Sommelier Certificate.

Professional Emphasis is on varietals, viticulture specifics, techniques of tasting and on the basics of service. Cooperage and viniculture are included; business and legal aspects and licensing are reviewed in detail.

Wine Selections: Each class focusing on a particular region includes at least eight wines. The wines selected are uniquely chosen, to best represent that region, regardless of cost to us.

The Final Examination: The two hour exam is comprised of a written component, which covers all course material in detail, and a blind tasting component. Students who pass the exam and fulfill the course requirements, are awarded The Sommelier Society of America Certification Diploma.

Tuition: $2,195.00, includes text book and materials. Applications must be accompanied by payment for tuition to secure your place. Contact Us for corporate group rates.

Payment: One may register and pay by credit card through our website. If you would like to pay by check, please email us at with your request.

When & Where: Weekly, Tuesdays, 9:00 – 11:00 am at the University Club in Midtown New York. Registered students will receive a welcome letter with directions and other important details.

Students must be 21 years or older.

* Wines for the weekly tastings, a minimum of eight per class, diverse and unique to each semester, are selected by our Chairman in consultation with our Education Director.

Regions You'll Learn About in This Course

Old World

Loire & Alsace
Rhone & Southern France
Italy & Southern Islands
Tuscany & Central Italy
Piedmont & Northern Italy
Fortified Wines

New World

Southern Hemisphere
New Zealand
South Africa
New York State
Pacific Northwest


Central Europe
Eastern Mediterranean

Advanced Tasting Workshops

Advanced Tasting Workshops

Blind-Tasting Exercises

Advanced Tasting Workshops *
Intensive blind-tasting exercises.
No two Workshops are alike.

All Workshops, focus on blind-tasting, by featuring newly selected grape varietals, producers, and regions, designed to expand wine knowledge, and palate.

Each day we will explore a wide selection of high-end wines from the world’s top growing regions. We will discuss the concept of New World vs. Old World style and how the factors of region, climate, soil, viticulture and vinification affect a wine’s various components, flavor profile and ability to age. We will also cover Commercial, Sustainable, Organic & Biodynamic Vineyard practices. Each workshop will feature wines by winemakers that industry professionals consider to be the best.

Students can prepare using the SSA Deductive Tasting Format for these exercises.


  • Graduates* of the Sommelier Society of America’s Certificate program (*exam achievement greater than 75% recommended, but not required)
  • Those who have taken previous workshops; no two workshops are alike.
  • Those with course or wine tasting equivalency, and a desire to increase their overall experience


  • Develop advanced level deductive tasting skills
  • Develop and enhance tasting notes skills
  • Develop skills to analyze wines according to region, style, varietal, flavor aroma and aging potential
  • Confidence in your developed palate, knowing and defining descriptors

* If you are interested in registering for an Advanced Tasting Workshop, please email us to be placed on our waitlist.